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The Restaurant

A Tempting Taste of the Far East

Trang Nguyen with Goi Cuon, traditional summer rolls We’ve all tasted Chinese and Japanese cooking; however, cuisines of Vietnam and Thailand are sometimes hard to find, especially in this part of the country. Solange Thompson had the vision for many years of opening a Thai/Vietnamese restaurant in Wilmington, NC. One day it all came together when the ideal building became available. The past five tenants couldn’t make it, yet when Solange found the place she felt it was Heaven-sent because of the wonderful Asian style architecture and spaces outside for beautiful gardens. With incredible attention to detail, Solange furnished and decorated every inch of this blessed building. She chose Alana Solomon to expertly faux finish the bar and tabletops and to paint striking scenes of the Far East on the walls around the bar and in the restrooms. It is obvious that Alana shared Solange’s ideal vision. Indochine is a gorgeous sight to behold from the Naga Bar to the dining room to the gazebo garden created by artist Doug Campbell. What a magical artistic setting!

Indochine uses fresh ingredients for maximum flavor, like basil, cilantro, mint, Vietnamese black pepper-corn, ginger, garlic and many others. At Indochine many entrees give the choice of chicken, beef, pork or shrimp. Each dish comes with aromatic Jasmine rice. In addition, there are salads soups and satays-skewers of spicy, marinated, grilled meats.

For dessert try a banana egg roll with vanilla ice cream, honey and sesame seeds, followed by the flavorful experience of Jasmine Tea.

Excerpts from artical by Billy Cone in,
Capturing The Spirit of The Carolinas
Photography by Brownie Harris

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